Mama wants to write!

In 2010 when my daughter turned a year old I decided to start a blog. I needed a hobby and an outlet and a way to get all of the words out of my head that my daughter couldn’t understand yet and my husband didn’t want to hear. When I became a mom I began reading many blogs because I enjoyed reading about other moms and their families. I’ve always loved writing so starting a blog seemed like a natural fit to me.

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When I first began Coolest Family on the Block I had planned on the emphasis being “family fun”, how to create traditions in your family, creative ways to celebrate holidays, and anything fun you can do with your kids. At first I blogged about whatever I wanted just to keep it updated and I wrote a lot about my childhood. Eventually over the past (nearly) 3 years it seems as though I have finally settled into that original niche I was planning on (thanks in great part to Pinterest, I believe). I gained some readers and steady hits and my popular posts proved what people were visiting for (and it wasn’t the wordy stuff). BUT the problem with that niche and those posts was that it required very little writing which is what I wanted to do in the first place. There are a lot of photos and descriptions and linking hither, fither, and yon involved…but hardly any words. Every time I wanted to post something more personal or wordy it just didn’t seem like it fit anymore 😦 The interesting thing is that my personal posts get less hits but often get more comments whereas my more popular posts get thousands of hits and pins but often very few comments. Aside from the desire to get out all of the words the second reason why I started blogging was for community. I don’t have any real-life mom friends so I was hoping to make some blogging friends. This can’t happen when no one is commenting on your blog.


All of those boring words just to say that my first blog has been moderately successful and I do still have an interest in it but it’s not giving me the writing outlet that I was hoping for. Enter, “I Make Myself the Queen!”. I actually created this blog back in 2010 and then let it sit here. Now I think it will be perfect for what I want to do which is…write a lot of words about some stuff. The other blog, well, it’s all about kids, but this…this is about me! Oh, yes. Will I talk about the kids? Probably. Will there be talk about boogers and poop? I think that’s inescapable. (Let’s hope that’s about the kids as well) Will it be random? Decidedly so. Will it be funny? I sure hope so. But not always. Will it be serious and teach you important life lessons? Possibly, although perhaps unlikely. Only time will tell.

2011-09IMMTQ txt02c

So, here it is. I’m blogging. Like, I mean, I’m actually going to write some junk. And? I’m going to write about whatever I feel like at the moment. No promises. No guarantees.

I hope you’ll read it.

I Make Myself the Queen is an itty-bitty newborn blog. Please be gentle with it, wash your
hands before touching it, and be sure to come back often to tell it how cute it is!


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  1. Yay for new blogs and lots of words! Good for you. Looking forward to reading along. 🙂


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