Paint my face

I don’t wear makeup. I can’t stand the stuff. I think I look like a clown when I wear it. I find it itchy and uncomfortable and way too much work. Which I suppose is good because my face repels it anyway. Literally 5 minutes after I put it on it’s disappeared to some mystical place other than my face. Luckily I’m a natural beauty with a great all-American-girl-next-door face…or I’m ugly and I just don’t care.


Last week one of Mama Kat’s vlog prompts was “Have your husband put makeup on you”, but my hubby refused to do it…so my daughter did it instead. (Watch on YouTube)

One of the vlog prompts this week was “Show us what’s in your makeup bag” and because I already had the footage leftover from last week, I decided to go for it. That’s some lazy vlogging right there. (Watch on YouTube)

I also did a vlog about my favorite workout. (Watch on YouTube)

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  1. Haha, love these! I don’t wear a ton a ton of makeup either. Like simple foundation and a little bit on my eyes, but I still haven’t figured those eyelash curler things out! Freak me out, too. That’s toooooo funny how she wouldn’t kiss you after. :p


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