1984 Costumes: What the wha?

It was 1984. I was 5 years old. And I actually have no memory of this Halloween at all. From the photos I can gather that this was a church Halloween party and that I was a white bunny and my younger sister was a lion.

We kids were dressed in fairly traditional costumes: Bunny, Gypsy, Raggedy Ann, Superman, Clown, another Bunny (the nerve!), and a Lion.


For being a children’s party at church, there are some pretty creepy looking costumes in the background.

1. Is that a giant hat or does the person have a sack over their head?
And why? Is it a scarecrow? Why doesn’t it have a face?!!!
2. Probably the most disturbing of all. Is that a green-faced bearded lady wearing a shower cap, rubber kitchen gloves, and holding a broom?
And also…???
3. That is actually a Care Bear, but it’s still scary.
4. This clown is way more creepy than fun and there is some seriously unfortunate positioning going on with that balloon. Also, why do we only have oblong balloons? Was there a round balloon shortage that year?
5. This mini clown in front is also disturbing. Especially the way it’s staring at the other children.


And seriously…what in the bleepity-bleep are those things?!!!


What were some of your childhood costumes?
Were there certain costumes that frightened you as a child?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I am totally cracking up reading this – especially about the sack over the head and the creepy one with the rubber gloves! lol

    that does look like a creepy church party – ha-ha

    I posted about ones you mentioned – we were gypsies, cat & rageddy ann xoxo


    • Seriously, Sue, what were those about?! Such weird costumes.

      I was a gypsy once too, but sadly I have no picture of it 😦 I’m surprised I was never Raggedy Ann, my grandma had made us yarn hair for a scarecrow costume and clown costumes, but no Raggedy Ann.


  2. I love how you’ve taken just one photo and were able to pick it apart. Of course, back then, people made it easy to do. I won’t dare bring out my photos. From the 70s. Yeah, those. Gah!


  3. Those are pretty funny! I remember being a clown and a smurf in gradeschool. I thought being a smurf was pretty cool until I had to wash all the blue paint off my face.


    • Ug, yeah, I couldn’t imagine having to take off all of that makeup, blech! The bunny face was the most Halloween makeup that I ever wore. In Middle school I was a Kleenex box…coolest costume ever! 😉


  4. Surprisingly creepy church party! Those clowns terrify me


  5. Check out my creepy bunny costume too – only 20 years earlier ….


  6. I am truly laughing out loud. My husband just asked what was so funny so I had to message him the link. Absolutely creepy church Halloween! The grainy 80s camera photos helps increase the creep factor! The clowns are freaky — especially as you say the kid staring at the other kids. I totally thought the “scarecrow” looks like a peasant who was hung in the medieval times. You know in Robin Hood how they put the burlap sack over their heads?? Just sayin’… 🙂 Thanks for sharing on SITS, this was great!


    • YES! That guy is ready for the gallows or something. Totally creepy.
      I actually forgot to include one of the images I edited of the creepy little clown. It’s up there now in all it’s glory.
      So glad I could give you laugh. I hope that you’re able to sleep tonight 😉


  7. Love the 1984 flashback! The costumes are great!


  8. Yeah, great! I was looking at this before going to sleep…no sleep tonight just nightmares about crazy killer clowns and bag people!
    So very funny! Thanks for the laugh!


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