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10 Years

Today my hubby and I are “celebrating” our 10th Wedding Anniversary. And by that I mean we are not celebrating at all. We wanted to sleep in, but our bosses said “No way!”. I thought breakfast in bed would be nice, but neither of us volunteered (because we’re selfish) and our kids are still too young to cook unsupervised. We had big plans to go out later but our babysitter (my mother-in-law) threw her back out and now we can’t go anywhere.
Seriously, that trip to the movies we were going to take took us 10 years to plan and now…nothing.
We probably won’t even shower today.

Time, she is not kind…
(Okay, well, my hubby actually looks great in that picture because he didn’t understand that I was going for the tired, beat-down look. Hmpf.)

In loving memory of the young couple that used sleep in and leave the house whenever they wanted, here’s a look back…

(Video here)

Here’s a peek at our fancy-schmancy wedding…

(Video here)

…and if that wasn’t enough you can see more wedding details on my other blog!

I actually convinced hubby to make some vlogs with me (it took a lot of crying and manipulation).
Here’s the first episode where we talk about our first anniversary.
(Video here)

…and here’s the second episode where we talk about our first date.
(Video here)

Click the pic to read the post…
Awkward first date

You have a lot more to look forward to like us talking about weird quirks we each have. It’s going to require some serious editing so maybe I’ll have those posted before our 11th anniversary (nope). In the meantime you can read about how we met here and here

Over on my Coolest Family on the Block Facebook Page I’m posting something “us” related once an hour for 10 hours. But for you, I’m just putting everything in one place. I’ve already linked to half of them above, but I’m going to list them again in the name of excess.
You are welcome!

1. A look back… (Photo Montage)
2. Our Wedding (The Video)
3. Our Wedding (The Photos)
4. How we met Part 1
5. How we met Part 2
6. 15 Reasons My Hubby is Awesome
7. Colonel Mustard on a Rollercoaster with a Plastic Fork
8. Our 8th Anniversary
9. Our 9th Anniversay

…and that’s only 9 things, but let’s pretend there’s 10.
Because this blog post counts as 10.
Shut up, it does.

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