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Prance off the Pounds!


Have you heard of Prancercise?
Prancercise® was created by Joanna Rohrback of Prancercise LLC and is described as “A Springy,rhythmic way of moving forward similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation”.

If you haven’t seen it yet you absolutely MUST watch this video before watching mine!

(Click here to view the video)

That is about 50 shades of awesome right there. I can’t even begin to put into words all of the wonderful things about that video. If nothing else the stretch pants coupled with the business jacket and costume jewelry will forever change the way I think of workout attire.

If that wasn’t great enough, Mama Kat, in all of her wisdom has made one of the vlog prompts this week “Get your Prancersize on!”. I just absolutely couldn’t resist.

Join me as we Prance off the Pounds together!
(Click here to view the video)

So, yeah. I may need a good divorce lawyer because my husband wasn’t super-thrilled about me making that video 😉

Click here to learn the history of the onesie.
By the way, my onesie video was featured by Mama Kat back in April. That was the most exciting blog thing to ever happen to me until now when she picked my awkward story as one of her favorites from the 6/05/13 Writer’s Workshop…and, and she featured my Dear Diary vlog from last week! I was tearing it up last week! 😉

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What do you think of Prancercise?
What is your favorite fitness workout?
Let me know in the comments!

If you’ve Prancercised I’d love to see it!
Be sure to stop by Mama Kat’s and check out the other vloggers!

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