The year is new and so are these vlogs…


So, it’s a new year and these are my first vlogs of 2014. Amazing stuff here, people. Eight and a half minutes of pure whatever.

The first two videos are Mama Kat vlog prompts and the last one is a Mommy TMI.

New Years Tag vlog
New Year’s Tag 2014
(Video here)

Dollar Store Haul
Dollar Store Haul: Ugly Christmas Sweater
(Video here)

Mommy TMI
Mommy TMI 01/07/2014
(Video here)

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*Mommy TMI with More Than Mommies.

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  1. I’m afraid that I’m the one to blame for you actually dancing the Roger Rabbit in a Onesie. I poked and prodded you, not actually thinking you’d do it, but you did and I couldn’t have been more proud.


    • So glad that I could make you proud 🙂 But I can’t let you take all the blame for the onesie, I’d actually danced wearing it in another vlog before the Roger Rabbit one. I’m just weird.


  2. I LOVE your game room!!! I’m jealous because our game room is AWFUL!!!

    It’s been too long since I’ve been exposed to your awkwardness in person – hopefully we can find a reason to stand near lamps again, soon!


    • Thank you! We’ve been working on that playroom for over a year now. I keep meaning to post it on the blog, but then we end up adding/changing it again and I have to take all new photos. Bleh.

      Woohoo! It’ll be great, I can already feel the upper lip sweat 😉 Are you planning on going to any conferences this year?


  3. HAHA, Dollar Store!!

    Sharing some SITS Girls comment love!


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