TV Show Dream Roles


This week one of Mama Kat’s vlog prompts is…
2.) If you could have a role on a TV show, which show would you choose?

I’ve actually auditioned to be in a few really popular tv shows. Watch the video to see my audition tapes.
(Video here)

I really have no idea why I didn’t get any of the roles that I auditioned for. Clearly I’m amazing.


How did I not get cast as one of the Crawley ladies of Downton?


You’d think that I would’ve been a shoe-in for Cora, the only American character on the show, but no…


I can only assume that I didn’t get cast as Edith because I’m not ugly enough. I actually think the actress is lovely, but I couldn’t go to work everyday with people telling me, “Now remember, you’re a dog face and no one will ever love you, okay?” without laughing in their face and saying, “Is the audience really buying this because I’m super hot. Sort of.”


Lady Mary is a kind and gentle soul compared to what a witch I can be, but I could fast for a month and not have the waifish figure of the actress they chose. Fine by me, ’cause I like to eat me a pan a brownies every now and again. Or once a week. A role on a popular tv show isn’t worth the sacrifice.


Why I wasn’t cast as Lori on The Walking Dead is beyond me. Anyone can run around incessantly screaming “Carl!”. I must not have been annoying enough (my husband would beg to differ). Or maybe I just didn’t look adulterer-y enough.


I don’t think the casting directors liked my take on Maggie and Glenn’s tryst in the Pharmacy. But I’m a lyrical gangsta and sometimes I just gotta lay down some sweet, sweet rhymes. They cannot be contained.


Another way not to get cast in a tv show is to constantly question the character’s poor decision making skills. They probably didn’t appreciate me taking a red pen to the script every time Andrea got romantically involved with yet another psycho. Oh honey, just, no…


This one confuses me the most. How could I not land the role of Michonne when I obviously have such mad ax-wielding skills?! I know she carries a sword, but it couldn’t be that much different, right?

Maybe they changed their minds about me when they saw that I brought my mom along to the audition so that she could cut my meat for me during lunch break. Oh well.


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If you could have a role in a tv show, which show would you choose? Are you a fan of Downton Abbey or The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. LMAO You nailed every single one of them imo 😉 LOL


    • Thank you 🙂 I definitely think my Lady Mary could’ve been better but by then my daughter had come home and she kept running up between takes wanting to wear my jewelry and play with the teapot! 😉


  2. christinemhutchinson

    Loved them Jenn…Your Cora is spot on…and your Andrea!!


  3. Thank you for the laugh! I loved all your photos.

    I’d like to be Mary. It would be lovely to be waited on. And not have to cook!

    I’d be eaten in The Walking Dead in like 5 minutes.


    • I agree, I’d love to be waited on too! When I was growing up I honestly thought that I would live in a mansion and have maids and cooks…I was wrong.

      If my ax abilities are any indication, I’d be gone in 5 minutes as well! 😉


  4. This was really funny! I’d vote for you! 😉 I am visiting you from The SITS Girls Blog Tribe!


  5. TOTALLY agree with you about Lori. Useless. Just useless.

    I am here from our SITS Girls tribe & wanted to pop in & say haaayyyyy.


  6. Saying hello… I see we are in the same SITS tribe… Fifi Flowers via


  7. That ax is really, really scary! Especially with you holding it. Yikes!


  8. I love Downton Abbey!!! This is great!!!

    Saying Hi from the SITS Tribe! xoxo


  9. jellibeanjournals

    Hmm, I only watched Downton Abbey a few times, but never thought Lady Mary to be so sweet. In fact, I didn’t really like her at all. Loved your goofy photos, Jenn. So much fun.


  10. You are so funny. You could be in star in You Tube videos. I love Downton Abbey but I can’t speak in an English Accent. And I would never want to be in the Walking Dead because I’m scared of Zombies. If Lost was still on the air, that is the show I would most love to be on.


    • I LOVE Lost! My favorite show of all time! I was actually going to do a parody of that but figured I should go with something current. Instead of “Carl!” it would’ve been a lot of “Walt!” and “My baby!” 😉


  11. I was wondering if anyone every caught on to how much lori just randomly left Carl go off alone and then we spend half an episode listing to her try to find him! I don’t watch Downton Abby. I seriously never watch tv I bing on it. So I have no idea what show I would want to be on!


    • Seriously, “Stay where Dale can see you.”…because Dale can kill zombies using laser beams from his eyeballs? Keep the kids close during a zombie apocalypse, duh!
      I don’t really watch tv either. I completely binge on Netflix and Hulu. I just happened to binge on Walking Dead right before this season started, so now I do make sure to watch it every week.


  12. You have a great sense of humor about all the crap moms have to deal with. Awesome!! Very creative 🙂


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