But it’s so pretty…

My creepy little artist

My 4.5 year old got a little scratch on her leg this morning.

My creepy little artist

My creepy little artist

My creepy little artist

(*Cue music from Psycho here*)

My creepy little artist

My creepy little artist

So I probably won’t be sleeping much tonight…


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Jenn Rian is a mom, blogger, actress, yoga instructor, and cosplayer. She blogs about as often as she showers, which isn't very often. Author of jennrian.com and funanddysfunction.com (coolestfamilyontheblock.com)

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  1. Bwahahaha!
    My kid talks about nuking people, so you have a little creepy artist and I have a budding dictator hell bent on world domination!


  2. tamaralikecamera

    haha! My Scarlet loves the color of blood too.
    I do too, actually. I don’t love blood but I love deep reds.


  3. When my daughter was 5 her baby brother split his head open. As I doctored him, she asked, “Should I clean up the blood?” Which she did. Maybe it’s just not gross at that age?


  4. I could so see one of my kids doing this! Why are kids so weird?


  5. Modern art? LOL — Kids are definitely weird sometimes!


  6. I love kids’ non sequiturs. So creepy/funny!


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