Amy Glass confused me, but I’m probably too stupid to know any better

I love a good viral drama and this has been the best/worst one since Miley at the VMAs! There’s an article about SAHMs and feminism that was published by Amy Glass this month called I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry and people are TICKED about it.
I’ve read it, and quite frankly, it confused me.

Amy Glass confused me


Every time I hear someone say that feminism is about validating every choice a woman makes I have to fight back vomit…

I can’t say that I know a whole lot about feminism. Just to be sure that it isn’t all about burning bras and hairy armpits; I turned to the dictionary for a definition.

noun \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\
: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
: organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests

That’s the Merriam-Webster definition. There may be a different definition in some fancy smart people dictionary that I’m unaware of because I don’t have a college degree. According to this, the definition of feminism is “…men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” and “…support of women’s rights and interests.”
In my ignorance I would’ve assumed that meant that the rights and interests of women should be supported, whatever they may be, including the interests of marriage, children, and homemaking. But that’s not the case. The work force is broccoli and homemaking is junk food. It doesn’t matter if you like junk food better, clearly broccoli is better for you. And no, you cannot eat both broccoli and junk food, there simply isn’t enough room. Broccoli is far superior to junk food, so we should all eat that tasty-tasty equal opportunity broccoli and frown upon those who do not.

Eat your broccoli


Do people really think that a stay at home mom is really on equal footing with a woman who works and takes care of herself? There’s no way those two things are the same.

I’ve never really thought about my footing much, or my feet for that matter. I only have two feet. I assume that is an equal number of feet when compared to the majority of the female population. But I don’t mind if career women have feet superior to my own. I probably can’t afford the shoes they wear anyway.

I have 2 feet


“Having kids and getting married are considered life milestones. We have baby showers and wedding parties as if it’s a huge accomplishment and cause for celebration to be able to get knocked up or find someone to walk down the aisle with. These aren’t accomplishments, they are actually super easy tasks, literally anyone can do them. They are the most common thing, ever, in the history of the world. They are, by definition, average. And here’s the thing, why on earth are we settling for average?”

I never knew it was so easy to get, ahem, “knocked up”. There was lots of banging on the door and looking through the peephole, but it still took me over 4.5 years, progesterone suppositories, and Clomid to get properly “knocked up” with my two kids. Perhaps I should’ve taken it as a sign that my place was not at home. I should’ve realized that I had an obligation to society to get a career. I thought one of the purposes of vaginas was to make babies, but I was wrong. Vaginas are for super smart people stuff like going to medical school and becoming a doctor that can do important stuff like perform brain surgery, over medicate the masses, and deliver babies. Oh. Wait. Maybe not that last one so much.


It’s really surprising that marriage equality is such a popular issue. After reading Ms. Glass’ article I can see that marriage is holding us back as a society. Serious people would never bother falling in love.
And ya know, Ms. Glass is right about how easy it is to find a life partner. It’s a snap to find the one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy. (But I’m just quoting “You’ve Got Mail”. Because I don’t have a job and I’m incapable of having a unique thought of my own).



“If women can do anything, why are we still content with applauding them for doing nothing?”

Wait, there’s supposed to be applause? AWESOME!
I don’t think I necessarily deserve any, but I’m a former thespian, so I’m kind of an applause-whore.
Go ahead and
Clap it up, mutha-luvas!

Applaud for nothing


“I want to have a shower for a woman when she backpacks on her own through Asia, gets a promotion, or lands a dream job not when she stays inside the box and does the house and kids thing which is the path of least resistance.”

Ms. Glass has some pretty cool friends and I think that she should totally throw them some parties for their awesome accomplishments! 🙂
But now I’m wondering if I should bother ever celebrating birthdays again.
I mean, birthdays are mundane and average and require no skill or effort. Getting older is the most common thing, ever, in the history of the world. For reals.

Aging is average


“I hear women talk about how “hard” it is to raise kids and manage a household all the time. I never hear men talk about this. It’s because women secretly like to talk about how hard managing a household is so they don’t have to explain their lack of real accomplishments.”

Oh, I love to complain about the kids, the housework, the husband, the weather, the slow internet connection. In general I just really enjoy complaining. Because I’m a pessimist. Which is probably why I don’t have any friends. But that’s fine because then I can complain about that too.
I’m not a big fan of secrets, so I’ll just tell you now that I’ve accomplished nothing in life, mostly because I spend most of my time binge-watching tv shows on Netflix. The most intellectual thing that I’ve ever done was to successfully follow the plot-line of LOST.

stressed out


“Men don’t care to “manage a household.” They aren’t conditioned to think stupid things like that are “important.”

This part gets me the most excited! I didn’t realize how unimportant housework is. Which is awesome, because, well, I hate doing it. Now if we stop balancing the checkbook, making trips to the grocery store, and cleaning the house, that’ll leave more time for Netflix marathons.
Wait. Did I say we? I meant me, because obviously my husband would never do any of those stupid, unimportant things.
So, hey, down with housework!
The laundry can go F itself, because I’m never going to F it again!
Fold, that is.



“Women will be equal with men when we stop demanding that it be considered equally important to do housework and real work. They are not equal. Doing laundry will never be as important as being a doctor or an engineer or building a business. This word play is holding us back.”

I’m confused again. What is “real” work? Is the only requirement that you get paid for doing it? If so, does that mean it’s important for custodians, maids, and housekeepers to scrub toilets, but not stay-at-home-moms? Or is housework so stupid that it means their jobs are unnecessary because housework in any form will always be unimportant? That’s going to be a huge disappointment to pretty much every character on Downton Abbey.
I wonder if Ms. Glass does her own housework or if she has a maid?
Actually, she probably has some kind of self-cleaning house that was invented by a really important engineer. How cool is that?!

Walter Whites

I don’t know why so many people are offended by Ms. Glass’ article. She’s doing the world a great favor by letting us off the hook in regards to housework. The next time there is a huge pile of dirty laundry and my husband doesn’t have any clean underwear I can just tell him, “The feminist said that housework is stupid, so you’re going to have to get used to wearing dirty underwear like I’ve already been doing for the past 4 years!” That is, if he allows me to speak, of course.

No. I’m not offended, angry, hurt, or upset by anything she said.
I am mostly amused and thoroughly confused.
You may refuse to excuse the language that she used,
but she’s entitled to her opinion and shouldn’t be abused!

(I apologize. Sometimes I subconsciously throw down a sweet-sweet rhyme because I read way too much Dr. Seuss.)

Honestly, what Amy Glass thinks of stay-at-home-moms and moms in general really isn’t that important to me, because I’m probably too stupid to understand what she’s trying to say anyway. My overuse of hashtags in graphics as an attempt at humor is proof enough of my limited thinking ability.
I’m off the hook anyway since she was specifically referring to “young” wives and moms and I aged out long ago.
What a ridiculously average thing for me to do!

Clap it up in the comments, mutha-luvas!

*If you’re looking to go viral, talking smack on SAHMs is a sure fire way to get a ton of hits and tens of thousands of venomous comments. Well played, Ms. Glass, well played.

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  1. Wow! Ms. Glass sounds totally important. I’m so sorry I’m not her. Damn. And I tried to not do the unimportant, meaningless things like clean my house but my family got sick and threw up from all the nasty on the toilets so I had no choice. I’m sorry Ms. Glass to have disappointed you. I don’t really love my family anyway. So who cares? I mean, after all, I was forced
    at gunpoint to fall in love with this guy and then made to have his baby because having babies is NOT what women are supposed to do. Can you even imagine? I should have this man arrested because it was all against my will. Thank you for coming along and clarifying that Ms. Glass. Phew. (And now the real me…what an A. Hole)


  2. My theory on her is that I was like that (albeit a very toned down friendly version who didn’t backpack anywhere) in my 20s when I had to work, couldn’t get my boyfriend to propose and thought I would never be lucky enough to have children. That way if I never got those things, no one would pity me. She has to be young right? (no offense to any 20-somethings that were not as misguided as me) Love your response!!!!!!


    • Thanks, Susan! 🙂
      It really doesn’t bother me that she feels that way, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I found her article hilarious and I just found to much snark-fodder to let it slide.
      P.S. Your blog name = Best in the world!


  3. bwahahaha

    i’m loving this
    so much

    and yes
    where is the applause?

    someone in my house
    better start clapping
    if he wants to eat today

    i actually haven’t read her article
    because after hearing about it
    i figured i wouldn’t bother
    giving her the extra page hit

    thanks for clearing up the confusion!


    • It’s true, whether she meant what she said or not it was done with the intention of ruffling feathers and going viral. I fed right into it by clicking on her article several times 😉
      You didn’t miss much. Honestly, except for a few lines (as amazing as these others) which I excluded to keep the flow going, I almost quoted the entire article. It wasn’t very long.


  4. I’m so happy you’re my cyber-friend. You are such an incredibly funny smartass. 🙂

    P.S. I couldn’t get knocked up either. I tried – a lot. So much so, my husband used to run away from me whenever he saw me coming. Who knew getting pregnant was one of the most mundane things in the world? I though it was the biggest blessing ever…


    • It really says something about a person when someone calls you a smartass and you take it as an enormous compliment. Thank you! 🙂

      hahaha, yeah, my husband felt the same way! Getting pregnant is super easy…unless it isn’t :/


  5. Don’t feel bad. I’m obviously way more dumb than you, because I’m career woman who thinks being a SAHM is the dream job! ha! lol


    • haha! Oh my, Amy would definitely disapprove. There was a whole section in her article that I didn’t bother to quote that says you will never be exceptional (at a career or otherwise) if you have a husband and kids.
      So, welcome, Unexceptional, I’m Common Average…nice to meet you! 🙂


  6. christinemhutchinson

    This was wonderful, Jenn. Loved every point/counterpoint in it. Now I begin the slow clap. You freakin deserve it! Now go climb that Mt Everest of a Laundry pile. Whew! The air is thin up here, huh?


  7. Literally the best blog I’ve read in ages! And I need to know more about the fuzzy high heals and tiara your wearing in one of the pictures! lol!


    • Thanks, Carissa! 🙂
      Those fuzzy slippers were from my wedding night! (Ooo-la-la 😉 ) The only time I was in a Fredrick’s of Hollywood.
      The tiara was from my sister’s wedding. She gave it to me afterwards and said, “Here, I’ll never wear this again, but you’ll probably wear it every day.” And she was right. I love a good tiara 😉


  8. That housework thing freed up my whole day. Awesome.


  9. Big Momma W (aka Amanda)

    I never bothered to read her original article. Unfortunately, it’s too late for me. Unless someone is willing to take my husband and children for me, so I can go be successful!? What? No takers? Come on. Raising 5 littles and keeping a clean house is the easiest thing ever! (Said no one that’s ever done it.)
    I, honest to God, could not care less what this woman thinks of my life choices.


    • I couldn’t agree more. Her words made me laugh, but little else. Not sure why everyone got so worked up about it, it was an obvious ploy to go viral (and she succeeded, like truly exceptional single women tend to do 😉 ) Still, my snark has a way of getting the best of me.


  10. Oh man, I so enjoyed this post! (Visiting from the SITS thread on Facebook) I am SOO glad I stopped by to read it, because a) you are hilarious, b) I agree, and c) those pictures are awesome! Thanks for brightening my day!


    • Thank you, Brynne! 🙂
      Although, I’m probably not hilarious…just funny in an average sort of way 😉
      (P.S. I had someone on Twitter tell me that they couldn’t even read my post because it was confusing and ADHD with too many graphics! LOL! Glad someone enjoyed them!)


  11. Nailed it! Visiting from SITS Girls, and now you have me hooked. Hitting subscribe.


    • Oh, Denise, you are in for a real treat! Get ready for a whole lot of nothingness to attack your inbox approximately twice every 3 months (because I’m a slacker). You’re welcome! 😉


  12. What always gets me about these people is they talk about these women’s issues like they aren’t the product of a woman spending 9+ months of her life pregnant and then having the baby ripped out of her in one form or another and then spending the next 18+ years making sure the spawn doesn’t accidentally die. They are products of all the things they claim to hate. That’s really gotta put a dent in their therapy budgets.


    • I suspect she was a test tube baby, or she hatched from an egg, or the most likely scenario: She sprung from the head of Zeus just like Athena the goddess of Wisdom, because clearly she is wiser than us all! 😉


  13. Visiting from SITS Girls and this post had me howling with laughter! You’re awesome!


  14. Ms. Glass is an idiot. And, I honestly doubt she really exists. I suspect that she is a 17 year old boy writing stuff he thinks will piss his mom off. Just my opinion though….and I love your perspective. We should all be applauding her for letting us off the hook with housework. I for one, have a lot of it to do this afternoon after spending all day wasting my time doing nothingness that SAHM’s do. Glad I don’t have to rush around now and get it all done before my husband gets home. 🙂


    • I’m with you! I think this is all just a ploy to go viral…which worked. I don’t think she’s “real” and if she is I don’t think she believes what she said in the extreme way that she said it. Like I said, it’s confusing. For someone (presumably) so highly educated if she was really looking to prove a point or start a dialogue, I think she would’ve done a better job at it, but it was presented this way purposely to get attention. I hate housework as much as the next person, and believe me, if I could afford to hire someone to do it for me I would. But someone, somewhere, at some point is going to have to do the housework. Otherwise you’re a highly educated “successful” person living in filth.


    • OMGSH! Meredith, my husband just said the same thing – that this was probably written by some teenaged boy! Great minds!


  15. I read the article and felt like she was just writing to write and feel important. I think she knew the kind of feedback she would get and did it because she wanted the attention.

    Of course, if all SAHM’s worked high level, high paying executive jobs, maybe we could afford to buy a disposable wardrobe and never worry bout laundry again!


    • Oh, I completely agree with you. It was total Viral Gold on purpose. You know something like that is going to get people worked up and when you get people worked up they all start talking about it. What she said didn’t bother me in the least, but it makes me really sad that it upsets other people. I found it so incredibly amusing that I had to write about it! 😉

      I was thinking that she may have so much money that she just throws her clothes away, because who does her laundry?!


  16. OmGOSHHHHHHH! You know that ain’t right to make a 44 year old woman pee her pants! It isn’t natural! Jenn, you are by far one of the funniest people on the PLANET. You should have your own TV show. I would love to hear you interview this woman.


    • Well, if you’ve peed your pants…my work here is done! 😉 I would gladly accept my own tv show if I’m allowed to do it wearing my pajamas. And I would LOVE to interview “Amy”. I think that would be a blast!


  17. To be fair, I haven’t read Glass’s article because I don’t care to expose myself to that kind of ignorance and hatefulness – Ain’t nobody got time for that. Here’s what I DO know, that mothers build the invisible foundations that support the character of our children. We often abandon our own dreams for what we believe in our hearts is a HIGHER calling. Some women CHOOSE not to be mothers… and that’s probably the best thing they can do for the human race – uh, do we really want resentful mothers raising our kids’ future classmates?


    • You didn’t miss much. I almost quoted the entire article in my post, it was short and, erm, sweet?
      What you wrote was beautiful and very true. I don’t care if women want to get married or not, have children or not, work or not…why are we so up in everyone else’s business? Just do ‘you’, ya know? 😉


  18. It’s a bit unreal to think that anyone would say those things about stay at home moms, what a “bad word goes here”! Hope she eats her words one day….


  19. This post is hilarious. I hope it goes viral!

    I saw Amy’s article because another blogger wrote a serious rebuttal. She was quite offended. I, on the other hand, don’t offend easily and just kind of felt sorry for this Amy (if she is real). I’ve known other mis-guided feminists and I will never understand their anger and dismay at sahm’s choices. Jealousy? Could they be jealous that my laundry pile is bigger than theirs.


    • 🙂 Thank you! That would awesome!

      Yeah, a lot of people are really upset. I don’t offend easily either, so it just made me laugh. I normally wouldn’t even write about this sort of thing, but I crack myself up, so I figured…what the heck?!

      And I definitely think she has a bad case of laundry envy 😉


  20. I, for one, am so tired of the feminist wars, of the “23 Reasons To Get (Or To Not Get) Married By Age 23” blah blah blah… it’s almost as if nobody has considered that there is more than one way to live a life, and that none of those multitudes of ways are placed on a hierarchy. I’m glad that Glass had an opinion. Too many people don’t! But I feel like the right to speak that opinion needs to come with a strong sprinkling of tact, or just keep your mouth shut, and that’s why Glass made me a little peeved.


    • I don’t mind her opinion at all, but it, indeed, was very tactless. I think that’s why I found it so amusing. I couldn’t even take her seriously because what she said made no sense! Oh well, it gave Twitter something to talk about for a few weeks 😉


  21. You kinda have to wonder if she realizes that she was, in fact, born. But maybe she considers her own birth entirely unimportant and worthless.
    And if “literally anyone” can be married, why are the rates of marriages that don’t end in divorce so low?
    I found your article to be ever so much more clever and funny than hers was…though honestly, if she wanted her 15 minutes of internet fame, she successfully achieved it!


    • I think it’s more likely she was hatched from an egg. She would never do anything so common as to grow inside of a uterus! I think she’s an evil genius. I sure fire way to go viral is by talking smack on a large group of people with an internet presence. Mission accomplished 😉
      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂


  22. This made me LOL. As an eater of broccoli AND junk food (literally and metaphorically), I am glad to know that housework is unimportant. Working all day then taking care of the kids every evening and weekend really doesn’t leave much room for that. I wonder how long it will take for the dirty diapers to attract flies?

    Oh, and I don’t know what you’re talking about…my progesterone and 150mg of clomid with both pregnancies definitely shows that getting “knocked up” is super easy!


    • I applaud you! After metaphorically eating junk food all day, I could never imagine even sniffing broccoli! 😉 And don’t worry about those dirty diapers…after a few months the dirty clothes will stand up on their own and take out the trash.
      That’s true, after being poked, prodded, injected, and medicated…anyone can have a baby! Super simple stuff!


  23. I don’t know who Amy Glass is, my inferior intellect shining through! 😉 But I wonder how much real time she’s spending with her kids (if she has any). I chose to be a stay at home mom because I felt it was best for my kids. It makes me wonder since she’s spending so much time accomplishing important things, how much time does she have with her kids? Guess I’m uncool. sob. 🙂


  24. I too saw this post last weekend. What a load of crap! When I saw it getting so much play, I actually wanted to stop the viral shares because I often wonder if people write this stuff because they know it is so inflammatory it will get air time. Stopping by from SITS!


    • Oh, that’s exactly what she wrote it, I have no doubt! For someone so (presumably) intelligent and educated she could’ve formulated an article that did a better job at presenting her point of view. This was to upset people…because upsetting people goes viral!
      I play into it, though. I love a good viral drama, I read all the articles (although I never share them, etc)…just can’t help myself! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


  25. Love it! I kept telling my FB peeps NOT to share her stuff or even bother reading because she’s an obvious troll. Prior to this no one knew her name and in a week or two no one will remember it again. BUT, I will still have three amazing boys and a loving husband. She (or secretly HE) can go home to her cat and 4th bottle of vodka.

    PS- your WEDDING DRESS?!? You really did make yourself a queen, didn’t you? Gorgeous! 🙂

    But not special. Average like everyone else. 😉


    • She’s definitely a troll. But I love to feed trolls and rub that little jewel on their bellies 😉 I’m certain she/he has a cat, but it’s obviously one that goes directly into the toilet rather than a litter box.

      Dude, I rock average like a boss! 😉 I had a horse drawn carriage and everything. Check it out! 🙂


  26. I think Ms.Glass makes a living at being obnoxious. I agree with you, she is nothing. I kind of feel a bit sorry for her because no one that shallow could ever be capable of receiving or giving real love.


  27. I had to share this with some of my other SAHM friends! I just don’t understand why people think that to have equal opportunity, we have to give up being SAHM’s? My being a stay at home mom does not, in fact, hinder your changes or the chances of any other women to have equal opportunity.

    You know what else bothers me… when people who drink cow milk and see people don’t drink cow milk, and instead drink an “alternative” milk make comments to them about how unfortunate it is for them to not be able to drink cow milk! Why is it “poor me” that I can’t have cow milk? Have you ever thought that maybe I choose to drink that “alternative” stuff that you turn your nose up at and look at with disgust, just as you have the choice on what milk you drink. Why pass on the comment to the non-cow-milk-drinkers “I’m so sorry”, “that sucks to be you”, “poor you”, and so on? Just yesterday I overheard a woman make one of those above comments to another woman in the grocery store.

    …okay, maybe I didn’t need to air that right here… but you know… I mean, it’s really not all that different than broccoli and junk food, right?


    • Tiffany, this cracked me up! And not that I’m some kind of anti-dairy activist (ice cream is my life’s blood), but I never understood why people act like we have to drink cow’s milk when, guess what…grown cow’s don’t even drink it! It’s one of the most weird, backwards, “nutritional” things that we do as a human race. But God forbid you nurse your baby until he’s 2, because that’s just so “ewwww”. (But udder milk is super appealing)

      Sometimes there are things in life that we want to do, and for whatever reason, we can’t, and it’s nice to have some empathy. But the misplaced pity and/or the purposely placed judgement isn’t helping anyone. It’s not inspiring or motivating anybody and unfortunately it upsets people and drags them down more. I don’t really care what other people think about me, so I’m cool, but I feel bad that it’s upsetting other ladies that may be in a vulnerable place.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing! We average people need to stick together 😉


  28. You know, you REALLY should put a warning that says “Put the coffee and bonbons down, because this post will make you snort them out your nose.” Excuse me while I go wipe down my screen…

    Ok, I’m back. So what you’re saying (and I could be extra-stupid because I have a college degree, yet still am a SAHM) is that I don’t have to do laundry or grocery shop. I will tell my teenage son (who no longer needs reminders to use a fork and napkin or stop inhaling long enough to chew) that he no longer needs to put the toilet seat down or clean up after himself when he forgets (for the seventeen billionth time since he got himself out of diapers with zero reminders to use the potty and not pee on the couch). Gotcha.


    • So sorry, there really should be a disclaimer 😉

      Oh yes, and don’t worry, because your son is a man he already thinks that all manner of housework is stupid and unimportant because he’s hardwired for building civilizations instead. So, take a lesson from him, and don’t clean up after yourself. That’s what all smart, exceptional people do! 😉


  29. Amy Glass just might be a man… great post!!


  30. I am an optimist. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and say nice things abut them just for the heck of it. The nicest thing I can think to say is this: Thank goodness this lady ain’t gonna pass down her misogynistic theories to any children!!!


  31. This morning when I commented on twitter that I had a lot to say about your post, it was before I had read Amy Glass’s article. I was going to dispute all of her points. I’ve since decided she is a complete idiot and not worth my time. Instead I am going to suggest you follow Amy Poehler if you want to learn about feminism.

    Amy P has a collaborative called Smart Girls. Its purpose is to empower girls (and women!) to “Change the world by being yourself.” I know, it just blew your mind. Smart Girls inspires, uplifts and acknowledges women who support other women and are doing great things in their communities, countries and the world instead of giving unwarranted advice to ladies about what we should be doing with our lives.

    Enough said.


    • Yeah, she didn’t really have a point. It was just a rant that didn’t make any good sense.

      I LOVE Amy Poehler! But considering she’s a mom too, I guess that just makes her as common and unexceptional as the rest of us. 😉


  32. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while. I think so many people find it easy to look at other people’s lives and consider them to be less than important because it isn’t what they want, but in reality it takes all kinds of people to make the world work doesn’t it? And I wonder if Ms. Glass has a housekeeper to keep her house tidy?


    • Thanks, Heidi! 🙂
      That’s the truth. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never looked down on someone else before or thought I was better than them. I know it’s not right, but it’s happened. I certainly didn’t spout off about it on the internet, though 😉 But it definitely takes all different kinds of people and different occupations to keep the world going. We can’t all be doctors, and we definitely need trash collectors. I think that’s one of the most important jobs that exists, but we don’t think about it most of the time!
      Either she has a housekeeper or she makes so much money that she eats out every night, has disposable clothes, and a magic self-cleaning shower and toilet! Not gonna lie, that’s sounds awesome! 😉


  33. I remember reading her rant and was going ??? The only thing I thought was, “She needs to remove the stick from her arse..”


  34. You are the best. I was cracking up throughout this whole thing! Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely hilarious and wonderful perspective!

    ~Abby =)


  35. OMG I LOVE this, I feel exactly the same way!! I’ve been on both sides, I’ve had the career and I have been the SAHM, currently still am and probably always will, and I will tell you, it has been so much harder, physically and emotionally being a SAHM, but it has also been the most rewarding! I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!! Except when my teen gives me attitude that is lol!!


  36. Oh my goodness! You did an AMAZING job with this post. I think motherhood cannot truly be appreciated until it has been experienced! I am clapping up this post….good job mama!!! 🙂


    • Thanks, Michelle! 🙂 It’s true that motherhood is one of those things you just have to do to “get it”, but I think the majority of people understand the importance of parents in general because they understand the importance of children in our society. I’m not sure if Amy Glass thinks we should all stop procreating and let the human race day out, or if it’s a better idea to choose the career path of taking care of other people’s children…just not your own? It’s an odd perspective for sure.


  37. I just love this post to much! I had thought about writing my own but then I read yours and knew it was exactly what I would want to say but wouldn’t be able to put into the right words. You are fabulous!


    • Thanks, Kara! Not sure how eloquent it was. I had a “random” tweeter tell me that she couldn’t even read my post because it was too ADHD. Turns out she was actually Amy Glass, and since Amy is super smarter than me she must know 😉


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