I treasure this awkward first date gift

Awkward first date

My first date with my husband was truly a memorable Valentine’s Day.

I met my hubby, Sir Dad, through a mutual friend that I worked with. After only knowing each other a few weeks we went on our first date on Sunday, February 13, 2000 (the day before Valentine’s Day). We saw this really horrible movie that I don’t even care to name and we were the only ones in the theater. Ahem.

Because it was (almost) Valentine’s Day he gave me a card that read:
“The day my heart found you is the day my heart knew true love.
Inappropriate card for a first date
Um, dude…we just met you psycho stalker!
It’s just a tad awkward when the guy you just met inadvertently
(or blatantly) tells you he loves you on your first date.
If that wasn’t awkward enough he also gave me an, um, interesting gift.

Watch Hubby Chats Episode 2 to hear what gift my hubby gave me on our first date!
(Video here)

(You can watch Hubby Chats Episode 1: Our First Anniversary here.)

They say that it’s the thought that counts but seriously…what was he thinking?! What a truly, um, thoughtful and appropriate gift for a first date. Or not.

In the 14 years since then the movie theater where we had our first date has been torn down but I still have that inappropriate gift from our first date. What a lovely symbol of our undying love that can be treasured and passed down from generation to generation.

On an unrelated note it’s disturbing to discover that I’m only a smaller nose and p*rn lips away from looking like a Lindsay Lohan mug shot.

Do you have a memorable Valentine’s Day story?
Have you ever received an odd gift from a date?
What was your first date with your spouse like?
Do you think my hubby should eat the bra?!
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thumbs up…Eat it! This is hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle today. And just so you know, you guys are bordering on one of those couples who make me feel jealous and grossed out because of your cuteness. 🙂


    • Thanks, Marie! And don’t worry, we’re only that adorable about 5 minutes out of a one week period. The rest of the time I’m restraining myself from bludgeoning him every time he blinks. True story. 🙂


  2. Oh man–that is too funny. And weird…and that card!!….but it sure seemed to work out in the end! 😛


    • I have to admit, I found it amusing at the time…but still creepy! I must’ve really liked him because I don’t think I would’ve appreciated that gift from some of the other guys I dated 😉


  3. This is HILARIOUS! My romance with my husband got off to a crazy start too… But this is awesome. I found you on the SITS linkup! So glad that I did!


    • Yay, Jessica! So glad that you found me 🙂 It’s one of those stories that the kids won’t appreciate for many years. I’ll be editing out some of the details until they’re old enough 😉


  4. Clearly it was meant to be. Except the bludgeoning part. (No, I’m not judging you – I’m relieved I’m not the only one.)


  5. Hahaha great story! On our first date, my husband took me to see “The Prestige”, which was good. It went downhill from there. After the movie, he started to drive me home!!! I said, “Ummm…are you hungry?”

    So I basically forced him to take me out to eat. Then, he barely talked to me at dinner. Our night ended by picking a friend up from the airport and dropping me off. He did not walk me to my door.

    So the first date was horrible, but he’s much more thoughtful now!

    Visiting from the SITSsharefest – thewalkerfiresidechats.blogspot.com


  6. That picture of you and the box is hilarious! How could I not click over from SITS. I vote to make him eat it, after all he is the one who bought it. Lol. Thanks for making me laugh


  7. Well I think you were sending him mixed messages with all that heavy petting you were doing in the movie theater…of course he was in love with you! He knew you were the one from the beginning! I think it’s really sweet and I’m a little baffled as to why the bra and panties were not devoured long ago. EAT IT!


    • haha, well, he’d already purchased and given me the true love card and edible bra before we even made it to the make out sesh (which didn’t quite happen how he likes to tell it, haha)…he must’ve had me pegged as a freak, or really desperate, from the start! 😉


  8. Haha! Well, he may have been a creeper, but you still went out with him again and married him, sooooo lol I have no room to talk though. My husband showed up to our first date in torn up jeans, a greasy stained hoody and with an oil smudge on his face. He was a mechanic and went straight from work to our date. Who does that? Then Christmas was only two weeks after our first date… He took me to his family Christmas eve party where I met his entire family. Like parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone! As if meeting his entire family just two weeks after we had met wasn’t weird enough, he gave me a bracelet that night that had the “Love is patient, Love is kind…” line ending with “I love you always and forever”. Creeper! lol


    • hahaha, Alison, I love this story! “I love you always and forever!” These guys must be freaks or they literally never read any of the cards, because if a girl had given them a card like that, they’d run for the hills!
      I couldn’t get rid of my husband, so I had to marry him 😉 In fact I was “dating” around at the time, so my 6’3 hubby went around to all of my potential suitors and introduced himself as my boyfriend. The other guys stopped calling after that…


  9. Lol that’s so funny -that would freak me out if on the first date a guy hands me that. Hope you two had a great Valentine’s Day Jenn! -Iva


    • Yeah, I seriously would’ve been trying to run away if he hadn’t explained himself first..that it was a joke. I found it amusing, but still weird, especially coupled with the “true love” card 😉


  10. That is so creepy stalkerish! I don’t think I would eat that…isn’t it really really old? Yuck! Now if it were fresh, that would be another story!


    • Ginny, are you calling me old…really,really old?!!! hahaha! You’re right, though, the thing is now at least 14 years old (who knows how long it sat on the shelf before he bought it). Although I couldn’t imagine that it’s any more or less appetizing now than it would’ve been 14 years ago 😉


  11. If I got a card like that, I would probably never talk to the person again haha! Unless it was meant as a joke. Either way, that’s a really funny story. 🙂


  12. Wow, what “forward” gifts to receive on your first date! He should be forgiven though, seeing that you’ve been married for many years now. On a different note, Jenn, I can’t believe you sampled some of your present all these years later!


  13. Love this! My husband asked me to marry him 2 weeks after we started dating. (Awkward!)
    I married him 1.5 months later. (15 years later. Thankful!)
    Love your writing!


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