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Hubby Hahas: Motivation to get out of bed

Hubby Hahas

Last week I was having a really mopey day. This is how my hubby motivates me to stop moping and get out of bed…

Kinda Sketchy Hubby Chats
Kinda Sketchy Hubby Chats
Kinda Sketchy Hubby Chats
Kinda Sketchy Hubby Chats

(Muppet is our dog’s name, in case you were confused.)

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. Visit this post from our last anniversary for links to all of my “hubby” posts including 2 “Hubby Chats” vlogs where you can learn useless crap about us like, how we met, our first date, and other stuffs.

(Stuffs is plural on purpose. Cuz it’s fancy.)

What motivates you to get out of bed?

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